Emerging Media

“The Emerging Media Masters focuses on the intersection of technology and design, allowing individuals to explore the various facets, roles, and applications of emerging media across an array of disciplines and careers. Designed to accommodate students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries, this program is intended for individuals who wish to further personal career goals and those of their employers through the leveraging of emerging media and innovative technologies.”


My love for technology roots itself with my love for photography and videography. Capturing memories and moments in time for people is something I adore, but the technology behind cameras and editing software is what truly fascinates me. Seeing the advancements in camera technology from DSLRs to mirrorless to even the cameras on our phones is astounding. My favorite part of photography and videography is editing, and the technology behind that is even more fascinating. Especially in recent years as software begins to use more Artificial Intelligence features to make workflow faster and easier.

My time at UGA as an advertising student has taught me about the strategies behind advertising, branding, and design. I still appreciate advertising, but I have realized that I want to learn more about how I can use technology to enhance and improve businesses, so they will be more profitable. The classes I have taken so far for the New Media Certificate have given me a great overview of new and emerging technologies, especially the New Media Production class. I have already gained so many skills for web design by learning about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, and so much more. My goal for the Emerging Media Master’s program is to continue to build upon the knowledge I have learned through my advertising and New Media classes at Grady.


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Capstone Narrative


At the conclusion of the Summer 2022 courses, I found two teammates, Rachel Ziner and Ana Chirinos, to tackle the Emerging Media capstone with, and we brainstormed multiple ideas in the Project Management and Innovation Course. The final project for JRMC 7011E consisted of narrowing our capstone ideas down to three and creating prototypes for each of them. Below are the three ideas we came up with.

Idea #1: Designated Dawgs Refresh

Designated Dawgs is a student-run 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides Athens students and individuals with free, safe, non-judgemental rides home.

Our idea consists of rebranding the brand to align more with UGA, create a new website, and create a video tutorial explaining the usage of the Transloc App.

Idea #2: Find Roommates in Athens

Our next idea is to create a solution to finding a roommate in Athens. Currently, people use several Facebook groups and Instagram accounts to try and find a roommate, which is difficult since they aren’t organized very well. Our app works as a dating app, but to find college roommates.

Idea #3: Ramsey Student Center App

Click here to view prototype

Ramsey is the University of Georgia’s student recreational and athletic facility. Ramsey currently does not have their own website or social media pages. There are sections on the Recreational Sports website and posts on the Recreational Sports social media to share information about Ramsey with the UGA community. An app for Ramsey that houses all information in one spot will allow for users to find information more efficiently and easily.



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