JRMC 7013: User Experience Strategy

Behind every Emerging Media Capstone is a strategy to guide decision-making. Learn to identify and interview target users, test usability concepts, and refine features in order to ensure strategic alignment of interactive digital products.


I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Emerging Media Strategy course. The class was split up into three modules—Module 1: Understanding Users, Module 2: Preparing Prototypes, and Module 3: Capturing Data. Throughout each of these modules, we read the texts Measuring the User Experience by Albert and Tullis, The Design of Everyday Things by Noorman, and Content Design by Sarah Richards to fully understand what makes a good user experience. 

In Module 1 of this course, we conducted exploratory user research before diving into the other projects for this course. My team and I conducted a survey targeted towards Designated Dawgs’ two target audiences: volunteers and riders. We used this survey to gain insights on these users’ social habits and their thoughts on UGA organizations and ride-share options. In addition to the survey, we interviewed users who fit into these target audiences. The responses to the survey and interview questions helped us better understand Designated Dawgs’ users and influenced our decisions when creating the Design System and website. To view our User Research presentation, please click on the link below.

The main proponent for Module 2 was creating the Design System for Designated Dawgs. The Design System included fleshing out the band for Designated Dawgs such as the editorial style, visual style, and UI components. For this assignment, I personally worked on redesigning the logo, color palette, and typography for the brand. I’m really proud of the way the logo turned out since we decided to keep the previous layout of the logo but updated the keys to better resemble car keys. The changes we made to the visual style were very minimal but still had a big impact on the brand. To view our Design System presentation, please click on the link below. 

Module 3 included learning about the best ways to test our product with users as well as how to interpret the data. My team and I worked on creating a UX-RP, a plan for testing our users. We will use this plan next semester when conducting user research on our Beta website. To view our UX-RP, please click on the link below. 

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