NMIX 4012: Creative Content for Collegiate Athletics

“Explore the application of social media strategy and creative asset development in collegiate athletics, including graphic design and video production.”


Creative Content for Collegiate Athletics is taught by Jen Galas, the Director of Social Media Strategy and Digital Identify for the UGA Athletic Association. She is responsible for running the social media pages for multiple UGA sports teams.

In this course, we were put into teams and were assigned a sports team to work on developing social media strategies for said team. My partner, Amelia Greene, and I were assigned UGA’s Men’s Golf. Throughout the semester, we worked on developing the men’s golf visual identity, brand voice, content calendar, graphics, crisis communication, sponsorship pitches, and analyzed social media analytics.

One skill I learned in this class is designing sports graphics using Adobe Photoshop. I had some experience with graphic design from the other New Media classes I have taken, but graphic design for sports is much different. I learned how to do cutouts and how to do the classic sports graphics look.

Graphics I designed for UGA Men’s Golf

I also learned how important it is to network and keep connections. The sports industry is so small, and so many creatives know each other, so it’s important to keep in touch with people.

I originally wanted to take this class because I started interning with Georgia Football at the beginning of the fall semester, and I wanted to learn more about the sports creative industry and to see if it was something I wanted to pursue post-graduation. I will use the skills I learned in this class in my current internship as well as in the future when trying to find a job in the sports industry.

Below is the final project Amelia and I worked on over the semester.