NMIX 6110: New Media Production

“New Media Production provides a solid foundation of technical skills that students can build upon for the rest of their careers. Students learn how to design, develop, and code interactive web products that function effectively across multiple platforms and are introduced to front-end web development.”


The New Media Production class has challenged me in ways no other UGA class has. In other classes, I would typically just memorize and regurgitate information, but that wasn’t the case with New Media Production. This class taught me so many new skills that I will use throughout my professional career.

I learned about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and WordPress through the three projects and final. For the first project, I was so excited to use the design knowledge I already had to create a website from scratch, and the project drew me into the world of web development. Even though my first website in this class was very simple, I really enjoyed using HTML and CSS to code it from scratch.

For project two, I created versions of one website using Bootstrap. At first, I was really frustrated with Bootstrap since I had some issues with finding components to use on my website. I originally strongly disliked using Bootstrap, but throughout the other projects I grew to like the capabilities Bootstrap offered.

Project three consisted of creating two websites using WordPress. Similarly to Bootstrap, I at first did not like using WordPress because I didn’t quite understand it at first. However, one thing that New Media Production has taught me is that it takes practice to fully understand how to do something. In this case, it was how to use Bootstrap and WordPress.

I spent dozens of hours working on each project for this class, but the projects allowed me to learn so much about web development. Leaving this class, I am confident in my skills with web development especially with Bootstrap and WordPress.


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