NMIX 6020: Advanced Web Development

Advanced Web Development provides extensive experience in the use of modern tools and frameworks to design and develop advanced interactive web products that function effectively across multiple platforms. Students develop advanced web production skills that they can draw and build on throughout their careers.


The Advanced Web Development course builds upon the concepts learned in NMIX 6010: Web Development (previously known as NMIX 6110: New Media Production). In the previous web development class, I learned the basics of HTML and CSS. In NMIX 6020, I learned even more about HTML and CSS and learned new concepts with APIs and JavaScript. 

NMIX 6020 taught me the basics of JavaScript. Taking this class has helped out with the creation of my EM capstone project since my team and I are creating a website for Designated Dawgs. Although we are using WordPress to create and host the site, learning more advanced features of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript has helped me in customizing our site. 

Below are links to my final project and the assignments page for this course.