JRMC 7014: Emerging Media Workshop

In a collaborative setting with faculty and peers, students workshop their Emerging Media Capstone Projects. While demonstrating a thorough understanding of technology and design students engage in product development, apply technical research, and strategically iterate product features.


Emerging Media Workshop was truly the start of our capstone journey. My team, Rachel Ziner, Ana Chirinos, and I brainstormed ideas for our capstone in the Project Management and Innovation course, but this course is where we really started working on things. 

Walking into this class, my team and I were set on creating an app for the Ramsey Student Center on UGA’s campus, one of the ideas we came up with in the previous class. However, we quickly realized that we would’ve been in over our heads in coding an app essentially for the university. Myself and one of my other teammate’s are both currently enrolled in the app development class and are still learning SwiftUI, so it would’ve been difficult for us to create an app from scratch. 

We decided to pivot and work with Designated Dawgs, a UGA student-run non-profit that provides free rides home from downtown Athens. Our project consisted of creating a brand refresh, rebuilding the website, photography, and a video tutorial. 

Emerging Media Workshop started out by creating a Project Brief that outlined our project pitch, our goals with the project, and initial research like competitor research. 

We also worked on Alpha and Beta versions of the website in this course. Next semester, we will work on testing our Beta with users to further developed our final product. To view our Project Brief, Alpha, and Beta, click the links below.

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