JRMC 7010E: Emerging Media Design

“Organizations don’t deliver products or services—they deliver experiences, and these experiences are increasingly digital. The world’s best organizations carefully design every element of these experiences to create a cohesive, compelling whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts. This class will explore the ethics, principles, and tools of digital customer experience design, or CX.”


I remember when first looking through the class list for EM, JRMC 7010 class was one of the ones I was most excited about. Even though we only had about 3 weeks for this class, I still really enjoyed it. One aspect of the class that stood out to me was the readings from Tragic Design. It was one of the first readings for a class that I truly enjoyed reading in a while. The case studies and examples throughout helped me better understand the topics and thus will make me remember them better in the future.

I also really enjoyed how this class had a lot of crossover between classes. When going through the readings, I would make connections to other new media, advertising, and business/entrepreneurship classes I had taken in the past. This also reiterates how vital design is since it’s everywhere.

I tend to prefer experiential learning, so I enjoyed creating the final project too. I’m pretty happy with the end result and learned more about the importance of customer experience. I tend to point out aspects of products I don’t like/I think need to be fixed, so being able to fix one for the final project was satisfying. Overall, this class has made me more excited to take the rest of the EM courses.


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